My Views Being A Web Developer

As a web developer I see that there are a lot of interconnected functions that web development consist of which are difficult to define and even more difficult to separate. There are different sizes of organizations that include different area of development and expertise, like for larger organizations there are web development teams which consist of hundreds of web developers each has a role defined for them whereas smaller organizations generally require a single developers or even a contracting webmaster to do multiple jobs such as of a graphic designer and/or information systems technician.

The dramatic change in the industry

E-commerce a drastic change brought by the web development companies and the reforms in communication and commerce has changes the face of the industry. The online purchasing sites offer customers a new way of shopping like eBay. Retail shopping on Amazon or Buy has changed the experience of shopping for many.

Communication In A New Form.

The new web development consists of many communications options for the individual. Blogging is new development in the field. Individual blogs have gained popularity like never before. Many social networking sites such as facebook, twitter gives the user a platform to interact and share and express on worldwide web which is accessible to all.

Web world as we see today

I see a lot has changed in the web world. Web site developing is not the same as it used to be. The simple web page designing is now extended to the creation, maintenance and keeping the viewers number high all comes under the scope of work of a web designer. Maintaining the home page, updating the website regularly to keep it valuable for viewers all increase the area of performance of a website designing.

Nowadays larger content website is replaced by single page website. I have you lesser content or you can provide information in a single page the viewers are likely to refer to your website. These days viewers have less time and patience for anything, they want compact information at one place to fulfill their purpose. I keep the coding simple and work my way to be in compliance with the internet standards of a web page which is necessary for w web designer as the content can be removed if one fails to comply.

Mobile has changed the look of it all

With the increasing use of smart phones the web designing has changed its face. Scrolling has become an important feature of the page as more users are using their smart phones to access the web. Also the interface is kept user friendly to engage more and more people to the site. Flat interface are popular as compared to the old interface. The flat user interface has lesser graphic or images, this help the page to download faster on the computer as well on mobile phones.

The users are the key.

A website is created for the whole purpose to keep the users interested and attract more and more viewers to it. I work on this basic funda and create the web page keeping in mind who are likely to use them. This keeps the work simple and focused. I avoid WebPages who require plug-in’s as most browsers do not have them, and if the viewers is required to download it, they tend to shy away from the website. Web development companies should focus on functionality and ease of use to appease visitors without driving them away.

The Growth Of Web Development Industries

The Web development has changes a lot from what I have looking since. The word is generally used among us professionals for the coding and mark up of the web site which is generally the non design part of the process. However the developing cover a wider range from the development of a single page simple text to a complex web based online applications and social networking sites and services. The long list of the task that is covered under web development generally includes designing of the website, development of the content on the site, scripting and coding, the server, e-commerce services.

The industry is growing

The growth of the industry is due to commercialization and since then a lot has changed. The customers that I encounter are motivated to sell their products online and hence web development is gaining importance.

There are many available tools that can be used to learn web development services. The platforms provide for open sources that help many to seek guidance in web development. LAMP is a popular such platform which is available free of cost and used by many. The cost of learning of web development is low and the software that is used easy to operate. The prominent software such as Dreamweaver, WebDev are easy to use software’s and contribute to the growth of the industry. The languages such as HTML are required to use these software’s but a very basic can be easily learned with the help of online tutorials of help books. These languages and software can be easily learned and then anyone can with their help develop a simple plain text web page.

The services has increased

Using the growing technologies interactive sites are being built that enable the users to interact and make changes to the content going forward. The decentralization allows users to be mobile and not get stuck at one place. I am elated at the growing results and seek even better performance.

According To Me, What A Web Development Company Is??

For me web development was highly professional knowledge that highly skilled people would undertake. I was always fascinated though. I always thought that web developing companies have a large number of employees working for them who have expertise in their domain and there was nothing I could do to get into one such company as I did not have a degree or experience in it.

Realization that changed my thinking

Later I learned that there are many small web development companies and they even hire someone on contract basis to get the work done. I got interested in knowing about it. Many big firms have separate designation and employees for each task but it was possible for me to learn and get started and work on at least simple text web pages.

My actions towards my dream

I took help from books and online tutorials to learn the basics of HTML and other programming languages. I used to sit with programmers to learn the languages. I went ahead and learned about the software such as Adobe Dreamweaver, WebDev and they were easy to learn. My learning was continuous and the cost associated with it was low. In some time I got the hang of the work.
I am currently working on contract basis and still learning my way up

Web Development Is Full Of Excitement & A Creative Job

I have been working as a web developer for years and have been making good money with the practice. Web developing is a huge service where it is important to check the needs before designing and taking decisions, there are many

Web Site Developing Fun While Working

Web developing is a multiple task and is just not confined to a website development. Daily we go through a series of work in different areas for developing a website. Web developing includes different areas which are web graphic design; web content development, SEO and user experience design. The variety in the work is challenging yet rewarding. The work of a web developer doesn’t end after just designing the web site. It goes way beyond production. Following the regulations and maintaining it also comes under the service being provided. The service includes maintaining the main page, updating the website regularly to increase the area of performance. The success of the website is largely based on the quality content and management of the website. The coding used in developing form the main part of the quality of the site and compliance with the standard for web development should always be the first priority of the developers.

The End users are the key

The end users are the important component of the process, as the website is created for them. Users should understand the working of the site to understand the content the site has to offer. This feature is taken care off in the user experience design. While designing the website the layout, the instructions and the labeling should be clear and easily understandable. The user’s easy and efficient understanding is the key to success. This largely depends on the Interactive designing of the website. If the website is easily understandable and the user feel the website content is useful for them they are likely to return to it. The users who are skilled will greatly appreciate the intuitive interface, but users who are new or unskilled may not realize the advantage. Thus the website should be created in a way that it accommodates many users at a time.

Website developers face challenges where they have to choose the interface and see how expensive coding should be applied to reach a decision which is efficient and useful to all. The whole process is user based, thus the end users should be kept in mind as it is important to know what they want and understand. There are many such situations that comes in front while designing a website, I try and use the best option possible, Like using advance interactive functions require plug-ins. Most of the browsers do not have these plug in pre installed, thus if these are included in the coding ands users will have to install in for using the website there us a high risk of losing the customer. Users might not have the skills to down load the plug in or might not have trust in the site where they can download from or may lack patience and hence the user is lost. Thus choosing to use the interactive functions or not is an important question while deciding upon the interface. When faced with such decision I keep my focus on the content.

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